We are a dedicated group of fundraisers making a difference in the world one donor at a time

About Dunspark

People influencing the way charities connect with donors one conversation at a time.

Dunspark Fundraising is an experiential fundraising organization that has partnered with some of the largest charities in the world to support their causes through meaningful face to face interactions. We engage thousands of potential donors per day at their homes, in the street and in retail environments to help people play a critical role in supporting these charities.

Simplified processes and state of the art technology creates a relaxed environment to engage donors in a credible manner that allows the charities brand and message to be conveyed in the most trusting and genuine way possible.

What we do?

Our powerful engagements help bring long term support for some of the following causes

Case Study

The Centre For Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Emergency Department volumes have nearly doubled in 4 years. 61% of Central Toronto’s mental health and addiction assessments are conducted at CAMH. Monthly donor support is a key way to help continue to build infrastructure and campaign support to help this cause.

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